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Pregnancy Fitness -Ileotibial Band Syndrome

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17 Apr 2009

Roll your I.T. band from your hip bone to the side of your knee. 5xFor your vastus medialis (inside of leg, just above knee cap) remember to drove your heel into the floor so it is flat and you have extended your knee (straightened your leg)- 15x Yes it is true pregnant women are prone […]

Since caffeine in pregnancy is such a hot and controversial topic, I decided to continue this post from last day. I gave many tips on how to make a healthier coffee if you NEED it. Now it’s time to talk about The Good / The Bad and The Ugly of caffeine. How does this affect […]

CAFFEINE and PREGNANCY – Know Your Limits

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2 Apr 2009

CAFFEINE- know your limits. I am a busy mom, so therefore coffee is a big part of my life. It is my vice, I rely on it and I love it. Current nutritional guidelines suggest “women’s daily consumption of up to 400mg of caffeine (about 2 mugs of brewed coffee) has no adverse effects on […]


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30 Mar 2009

One of many symptoms of pregnancy is pubic pain. Loosened ligaments increase the mobility of the pelvic joint and can cause pain and irritation. This irritation may be worsened by exercise, impact and weight bearing activities. If you suffer from this irritation while performing hip adduction, hip abduction (side lying leg lifts) and to a […]

PREGNANCY EXERCISE -Preventing Hemorrhoids

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24 Mar 2009

Although I am a huge fan of performing a full squat exercise during pregnancy as it helps open the birth canal let look at some precautions as well. It is hard to maintain neutral spine, especially as your pregnancy progresses. Make sure you use a mirror to check your posture and a balance aid or […]

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