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Eating With Children

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18 Jun 2009

I have shot a little video of me eating lunch with my daughter. After some research I realized many mothers are eating what their children eat for lunch, and given a choice children will eat chicken nuggets, hot dogs, kraft dinner and generally imbalanced meals. Moms get so caught up in “serving” their family that […]

HEALTHY MOMS NETWORK- recipes from an expert

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15 Jun 2009

Today I am very excited to host a guest blogger Cascia Talbert. Cascia runs the HEALTHY MOMS blog, please check it out. As a HEALTHY MOM, Cascia knows a few things about preparing quick healthy meals for her family. She is here to share a few of her recipes with us. Simple Healthy Recipes Your […]


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1 Jan 2009

My Workout– warm up, 10x 1 legged burpies, 20x kettle bell swings, 2x modified pullups, bent over rows, kettle bell clean and press, plank reach, side planks, ball plank floor toe tap, full squats, burpie shoulder press 15lb dumb bells, rotational plank. Go For It!! Start your year off with this great little workout. Too […]

You Are What You Eat-for 2

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28 Dec 2008

Some simple words to live by through pregnancy and the holiday season. You are what you eat. Please continue to eat high quality foods at this critical time in you and your babies life. The holiday season is full of temptation and it’s easy to eat poor quality food. Just the same as you would […]

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