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Another tid bit of information regarding sleep. Over the past 3 nights my baby has been sick so I was averaging about 3 hours sleep per night and completing a course through the day (so not napping). WOW, has this ever affected my maximum strength. I did have a good night sleep last night but, […]


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27 Feb 2009

I have been getting some more response regarding the recipes and realized people without a blogger account cannot comment on the blog. If you want to share your recipes with others mothers please email me at and I will post your recipes or you can sign in and post your recipes in the […]

Ok, how do you take care of your children, run your house hold, make money, and eat a healthy- hot family meal every night. Two words–CROCK POT. That’s right, I rely on my Slow Cooker to provide a healthy- hot meal for my family. I use the slow cooker about 4 nights a week and […]

I am finally over my flu after a relapse on Friday. The entire house was healthy for about 3 hours and then my husband and Kasia got a cold, now the baby has a cold and I have been up the past two nights with her. The cycle continues. At times like this when exercise […]

What I Learned From My Children

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21 Jan 2009

After a busy weekend concerning my Nana’s funeral I am back on track today. I had a great little mom fat loss workout using 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest Tabata intervals. My Workout: push ups, modified pull ups, front chops, jump squats, dumb bell lunge cross over, lateral lunge, squat alternating dumb bell […]

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