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16 Apr 2009

I was speaking with one of my clients today about our evening routines. As a busy mom I often feel out of touch with current events, I basically get the update of daily news from my clients as I listen to what restaurants they visited or friends they met up with the evening before. I […]


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24 Mar 2009

I will not be performing my max strength experiment this week as I had of food poisoning, thank god it was me and not one of the kids. We have implemented a schedule to accommodate date night/family outing/entertaining in our household. Well this week during our family outing we took the kids to a restaurant […]

BUSY MOM FITNESS-Week 4 Max Strength

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16 Mar 2009

Busy Mom Fat Loss Workout Monday 15 minutes- Circut #1 chops, pullups, ball pushups repeat 3x Circut #2-4 clean and press each side, ball roll outs, full squat/press repeat 2xI used the 20 second work/ 10 second rest busy mom fat loss principles. Workout Tuesday- Mommy Core Exercise work today. Exercises were done continuous with […]


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6 Mar 2009

A new recipe has been donated by Gayle for Potato and Leek soup at in the Recipe group. Note do not use green parts of leek. So I have a great video of my baby’s first crawl. I was very excited to share this with you because it indicates proper neuromuscular development for her. […]


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27 Feb 2009

I have been getting some more response regarding the recipes and realized people without a blogger account cannot comment on the blog. If you want to share your recipes with others mothers please email me at and I will post your recipes or you can sign in and post your recipes in the […]

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