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Today I had a glut dominant workout as I rode my bike to work yesterday which always overuses my quads.  The truth is most conventional activity is quad dominant- biking, running, walking, elliptical trainers, skipping, squatting.  Anything in a linear pattern basically.  In general people should practice a 1:2 quad to glut (hip extension) dominant […]

Today I had a great workout and integrated many TRX suspension training exercises.  My focus was upper back and core strength.  My back has been a little sore as I only got in one workout last week and Ava has gained weight again-yes this means lugging around a few more pounds.  Here are a few […]

I have been taking it easy with regard to my workouts the past 2 weeks as I am just recovering from a chest infection.  My minimal energy and activity has been paired with eating treats with my kids and watching movies and the Olympics.   Time to get out of this 2 week rut and overhaul my […]

So after a flood of questions regarding anaerobic style training or the TABATA interval and fat loss I will explain it all here.  I was first drawn to this method by the people that I research and read.  I, myself have an athletic background and follow many sports trainers myself.  So a world renowned Strength […]

Today while training a client something strange happened when we were doing a Tabata Circuit of (20 sec/10sec max work to rest ratio) and she had 4 sets of deadlifts to do in this circuit.  I cut her 5 rep max weight in half for the circuit as the goal is to try and beat […]

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