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Many of you know it has been a career dream of mine to run fitness camps to help educate women on fitness and strength training.  I am happy to share that it is happening this summer.  I have put together 2 dates to run the first J Fit Athletics camps. Find out what you like to do […]

Summer time means working out on my deck and training some clients in the park.  This is refreshing, fun and beats the routine of the gym.  A few things to remember to beat the heat.  We have extreme weather in Toronto going from -30 to +30 C in the matter of a few months listen […]

Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness Bootcamp Busy Mom Bootcamp– Toronto East Location, private gym studio. Mondays and Fridays, 2x/week, 6:30 or 9:30am Start Date– May 7 End Date- June 25   8 weeks Class Limit– 6 campers, Price 320/8 weeks, 2x/week full instruction, partner measurements without  pressure Based on Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness Program– […]

Today a quick workout at home.  I started of course with some warm-up exercises and then did superset training- this is using 2 or 3 strength exercises in succession of non competing body parts.  Superset 1– standing shoulder press with lateral push from hip- this is done pressing one side at a time- pushing off […]

Today I had a glut dominant workout as I rode my bike to work yesterday which always overuses my quads.  The truth is most conventional activity is quad dominant- biking, running, walking, elliptical trainers, skipping, squatting.  Anything in a linear pattern basically.  In general people should practice a 1:2 quad to glut (hip extension) dominant […]

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