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MOM WORKOUT- Immediate Stress Relief

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12 May 2009

So I keep getting Happy Mothers Day greetings days after the event. Obviously my daughter had been groomed to say this continually until the day fit. Exciting things are happening in our house, well for the kids. We have a birds nest on our windowsill. The momma had layed 3 eggs that hatched today. We […]


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11 May 2009

I had a great mothers day, despite the fact my husband was away. I took the girls to their swim lesson with the help of Nana and Grandpa then we all headed out for brunch. Kasia did a mother day performance at her school on Thursday, where all the children danced and sang, she is […]


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30 Apr 2009

Today I rocked the house with my workout. I was actually at a gym and had someone cancel, so of course I took advantage on my FREE hour and rocked it out. Busy Mom Fat Loss Workout– today I took my time with my warmup and made sure my thoracic spine was open before beginning […]

My Kid Barfed Up At School

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28 Apr 2009

So before I could get to my workout today, I was interrupted by a call from my husband. “Kasia has barfed up at school, just inside the school doors”. That cut my day short. I headed home, and watched HORTON HEARS A WHO with my daughter. I will not eat treats tonight, I am more […]


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21 Apr 2009

What a busy fit mom eats-part 2. How do I manage to serve a healthy meal while taking care of the kids after a day of work that starts at 5am? I am PREPARED. BUSY FIT MOM DIETBreakfastMy breakfast sausages are cooked for the week and waiting in the fridge, the strawberries are cut and […]

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