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I have been away for a while on summer holiday and getting used to a new computer.  I just wanted to let you know of this great free recipe guide. My partners over at Prograde have done it again! They’ve just released this brand new ebook that you can download 100% free. Well, for a […]

  I received an email asking me if I take the multi vitamins I promote and do I take the amount it says on the bottle. Yes I take an all natural Prograde muti-vitamin.   As a busy, active mom I rely on keeping up with my nutrition.  There is a lot of crap on the […]

Eating With Children

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18 Jun 2009

I have shot a little video of me eating lunch with my daughter. After some research I realized many mothers are eating what their children eat for lunch, and given a choice children will eat chicken nuggets, hot dogs, kraft dinner and generally imbalanced meals. Moms get so caught up in “serving” their family that […]

My Kid Barfed Up At School

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28 Apr 2009

So before I could get to my workout today, I was interrupted by a call from my husband. “Kasia has barfed up at school, just inside the school doors”. That cut my day short. I headed home, and watched HORTON HEARS A WHO with my daughter. I will not eat treats tonight, I am more […]


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21 Apr 2009

What a busy fit mom eats-part 2. How do I manage to serve a healthy meal while taking care of the kids after a day of work that starts at 5am? I am PREPARED. BUSY FIT MOM DIETBreakfastMy breakfast sausages are cooked for the week and waiting in the fridge, the strawberries are cut and […]

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