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I am back after 2 weeks away with my girls at a cottage to find a driveway full and stone and dirt.  I have mentioned before we are “do it yourselfers” and my husband decided to do a few more backyard improvements.  I unloaded the dog, the girls and the luggage and went straight to […]

Most moms suffer low back pain, wrist pain, neck/shoulder and upper back pain. Today I have a few suggestions to help busy moms manage low back pain using fitness. Please refer to last days post for wrist and forearm exercises. MOM, Fix Low Back Pain with Fitness Mom Fitness-Low Back Pain can be managed with […]

300 Workout- Abs Modified for a Mom

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13 May 2009

I was talking to some colleagues at work today and they mentioned they had done the 300 workout. This is an intense barbell circuit with some great fat burning lifts in it. The original came out about 2 years ago and there has been a few updates since. There is one move in particular that […]

VENT- The Truth About Fat Loss for a New Mom

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12 Apr 2009

Ok, I rarely do this but I have to vent. I have been cruising around the Internet and reading blogs, getting the posts sent to me regarding mom fitness and pregnancy fitness. A few things confuse me 1. I keep seeing mom fitness posts and programs advertising “Get Your Arms Tank Top Ready”- are you […]


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6 Mar 2009

A new recipe has been donated by Gayle for Potato and Leek soup at in the Recipe group. Note do not use green parts of leek. So I have a great video of my baby’s first crawl. I was very excited to share this with you because it indicates proper neuromuscular development for her. […]

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