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Please, please recognize that cycling, running/jogging, walking all of these activities are linear and are Quadriceps dominant. Over time doing consistent quad dominant exercise can lead to tight hip flexors and overuse.  This is directly linked to back pain, hip discomfort and can eventually lead to chronic issues.  To avoid these issues related to high […]

Today I had a great workout and integrated many TRX suspension training exercises.  My focus was upper back and core strength.  My back has been a little sore as I only got in one workout last week and Ava has gained weight again-yes this means lugging around a few more pounds.  Here are a few […]

Here is a little piece that was published int he New York Times regarding resistance training and concentration levels in older women.  Wow I wonder if this can help with “Mommy Brain”.  There are similar studies done on children as well, indicating physical activity improves concentration in the class room, so DO NOT CUT GYM TIME […]

So in the wake of our heat wave in Toronto my dog Sammy cannot get any relief.  So what does she do, she sleeps across both of my legs at night trying to get as close as possible to me- not the brightest dog on the planet.  At 4:30am the baby starts crying so I […]

I am back after 2 weeks away with my girls at a cottage to find a driveway full and stone and dirt.  I have mentioned before we are “do it yourselfers” and my husband decided to do a few more backyard improvements.  I unloaded the dog, the girls and the luggage and went straight to […]

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