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5 Dec 2008

That’s right bananas, spit up all over me around 12am the other night, I guess she(AVA) doesn’t like them. I was frantically wiping myself clean with a little help from the dog so I could be somewhat presentable at the gym the next morning. My toddler(KASIA) has a hard time understanding that I WORK. I […]

Don’t Slip- LATERAL TRAINING For Pregnancy

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27 Nov 2008

Around your 4th month of pregnancy you could begin to lose your balance. Your pelvis is opening, you are using your gluts, lateral (outside) leg muscles in a different way and your baby bump is starting to show. Try this simple lateral exercise suitable for any stage of pregnancy. You can use any style resistance […]

Exercise Selection

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25 Nov 2008

Today on my lunch hour I raced up to my daughters school to see her 30 second performance of reciting a poem at the schools annual book drive. (really she just held up a sign and mouthed a few words) I cut through traffic and made it in time, only to realize I had left […]

Pregnancy Nutrition

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21 Nov 2008

For all of my pregnancy nutrition advice I consult with a naturopathic doctor. During my first pregnancy the owner of a company I worked for referred me to see a new employee and indicated she was “really good”. She had a diploma in natural nutrition. This did not cut it for me, she did not […]

Your Expanding Belly- 1st trimester

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28 Oct 2008

You probably feel bloated at this point in your pregnancy, not quite showing but a little baby bump noticeable to you. Your expanding uterus is already putting pressure on your bladder making urination a priority. START YOUR KEGELS NOW. If this is your first pregnancy and you don not have an existing condition of rectus […]

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