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Question Answer Time plus a Fellow Fitness Mom Reviews Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness  Erica asks in the Abs and Ass post Hi Jacq, I’m enjoying your food diary. Looks to me like you’re managing a healthy and satisfying diet that the whole family can eat. Good for you. I find that doing some cooking […]

Busy mom fitness-For 1 month I am performing body weight only exercises.  I am really enjoying the change so far.  I am working towards my goal of strengthening my push-up, I have added a short yoga based stretch to the end of my workout using poses such as Pigeon and Downward Dog and Tables.  I just […]

Bootcamp and the Wanna Be Soccer Mom

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26 May 2009

Well my boot camp program started this weekend and the mixed group of athletes came ready to perform. Like true competitors the JFits wanted to challenge a group of women doing their boot camp, (looked like a group of moms to me) that were working out in the same park. I was thinking in my […]

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