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Pregnancy Fitness-circuit

In: Pregnancy Fitness Solutions

14 Apr 2010

Your body is constantly changing during your pregnancy. Some days are good or energetic days and some days are well questionable. Don’t worry, you can change your workout to accommodate both types of days.

Y Squat

Y Squat

If you are having an energetic pregnancy day you can circuit your pregnancy workout. Group 2-3 exercises together and work through them continuously, even your postural exercises can be circuited. Let’s take an example from Baby Bump Pregnancy Fitness
From DAY 1, TRIMESTER 2 I will circuit the big muscle group moves in this example
Take the Stationary Lunge, Lateral Towel Slide and Y Squat and perform them in succession continuously. Rest and repeat.

If you are feeling less energetic, work through the program methodically, taking breaks often. Listen to your body. Heart rate and sweating are always great indicators to let you monitor your intensity.

Pregnancy Study

New study links excess pounds gained during pregnancy leads to excess pounds in child.

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