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Eating With Children

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18 Jun 2009

I have shot a little video of me eating lunch with my daughter. After some research I realized many mothers are eating what their children eat for lunch, and given a choice children will eat chicken nuggets, hot dogs, kraft dinner and generally imbalanced meals. Moms get so caught up in “serving” their family that they often forget about themselves. Well I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but nibbles of toddler food doesn’t cut it for a normal active adult woman, especially ione trying to burn baby fat. You need meals that will keep your hormones in balance, sugars in balance, foods that feed your brain and body, and stimulate meal enjoyment. A few easy tips this videos high lights to help take care of mom and family. Mom’s need to eat healthy, you set the standard for the house.

1. Sit at the table to eat, no TV and schedule a time.
2. Prepare large amounts of food in advance for the week eg- cut fruits and veggies, cook meat, shred cheese
3. Variety of calories, some carbs, proteins and fats are essential
4. Eat whole foods and organic if possible
5. Use some flavour so you do not get bored of your food (I put a spice rub on the chicken and the baby eats it too- from Webbers book of grilling)
6. Eveyone eats the same meal of your choice.

Eating With Children Video

Most of all try to enjoy your meals, do not just rush through them. For any busy mother this is the key to living healthy and getting your body back. You are the life blood of the household and set the mood. Eat well and you will be happy.

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