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Abs and Ass and My Diet Journal

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22 Feb 2010

Busy mom fitness-For 1 month I am performing body weight only exercises.  I am really enjoying the chBabyBump Mom Fitness 112ange so far.  I am working towards my goal of strengthening my push-up, I have added a short yoga based stretch to the end of my workout using poses such as Pigeon and Downward Dog and Tables.  I just perform my exercises on a Tabata style to get my cardio workout done as well- not comfortable- but efficient.  I am using a lot of lunge variations, leg swoop exercises, push ups, and bridging exercises.  My girls did a push-up Tabata with me yesterday- which consisted of me struggling and them imitating me by rolling around and groaning on the floor- my husband was in tears.  Wow is this what I look like.

One reader has asked an excellent question in last weeks post.  She is asking what exercises in the Busy Mom Fitness Program target Abs and Ass.  I have posted the answer so take a look if you are having trouble connecting with these muscles.  Most of the exercises in the program should cause your abdominals to fire.  If you are not feeling these exercises in your abdominals I suggest reviewing Phase 1 of the program to Re-conncet with your abdominals.  When learning to re- connect you need to be Slow and Methodical- work your range, try to push a little deeper, flex your pelvic floor muscles as well.  Until you feel the connection with your muscles do not progress.  You want to feel the muscles you are working- concentrate on them, think about them when going through the motions and try to flex them as much as you can when performing the movement.  This works for any muscle you are trying to connect with, Abs or Ass.  When you feel you are capable of connecting and working through your full range of motion then you are ready to put these exercises into a circuit or interval.  Master these movements, don’t waist time by working in 1/2 range and just going through the motions.BabyBump Mom Fitness 032

My Diet Journal
Breakfast- Steal Cut Oats mixed with 1 tsp raw honey, 1 tbsp raw nut butter-mix and add organic yogurt and blue berries, coffee
Lunch- 1 bean and beef burrito, 1/2 avocado, 1 bowl cauliflower soup
Snack-pumpkin seeds
Dinner- 2 corn taco shells filled with veal chili, marble cheddar cheese

Breakfast- Steal Cut Oats- same as above, coffee, 1 piece of peameal bacon
Snack cashew nuts
Lunch- chili and apple
Snack -banana
Dinner- halibut fish, cauliflower soup, quinoa

Breakfast- 1 piece sprouted grain toast with nut butter, 1 piece peameal bacon, 1 orange, 1 coffee
Snack- turkey and cheese sandwich- sprouted grain bread
Lunch- chili, apple, cashews
Dinner- I forgot to write- I think fish, soup and salad with quinoa again

Breakfast- Steal Cut Oats with blueberries, 1 sausage link
Snack- 1/2 turkey and cheese sandwich, cashews and pumpkins seeds mixed
Snack- yogurt and apples, 2 sausages
Snack- banana and pumpkin seeds
Dinner- Beef Stew with parsnips, sweet potato, carrots, celery, mushrooms

Weekend-Birthday party
Breakfast- 2 sausages, coffee, protein shake with bananas and strawberries
At party- coffee, 1.2 croissant, blueberries, 1 piece lasagna, salad, birthday cake
Southside hormone free hamburger, with bun and avocado to top
chicken and chickpea curry, brown rice and 1 white wine

Breakfast- chicken curry with brown rice and coffee
cashew nuts and apple
lunch- again chicken curry with brown rice and 1/2 avocado
almonds and banana
dinner- steak, asparagus, 4 little new potatoes, grilled peppers, 1 beer, 3 red wines
applewood cheddar and brie with apples

How am I feeling- I have more energy now and feel not so Defeated by winter- this may have to do with the fact that we had some sun this weekend as well.  I am proud of what I am eating and the effort I am making to enforce a change.  I stayed away from chocolate all together, but continued with my coffee.  I have not suffered any headaches or other detox symptoms (as I am not detoxing- I am making a gradual change).  When I craved a sweet I had a few cashew nuts- but this was only 1-2 times this week.  I enjoyed some drinks with my family on Sunday and am right back on track this morning.  I performed a hard workout just before I enjoyed my drinks, bbq and cheeses.  I used these extra calories to replenish from my workout.  I DO NOT count calories, I just eat until I am satisfied.

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February 28th, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Hi Jacq,
I’m enjoying your food diary. Looks to me like you’re managing a healthy and satisfying diet that the whole family can eat. Good for you. I find that doing some cooking on the weekend (soup, chili, a large roast or chicken) helps to keep me on track for the week. It gives you a base for a fast, easy weekday meal. All you need to do is add a salad or some steamed veg.

Enough about food. I have a question about back stretches. What’s the best stretch for your lower back. Hauling around a 22 month old is giving me some aches and pains!




March 1st, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Erica thanks for the food tips.

The BEST low back stretches start with your T-spine (thoracic spine). This is your mid back and is usually the cause of low back pain, and neck and shoulder pain as the mid back tightens the motion gets pushed to the next joint above or below and causes instability and pain. So what to do for any back pain- start with your thoracic spine- stretches such as the CLOCK, or using a foam roller or rolled up towel at the bottom tips of your scapula and laying over this with your chest pointed at the ceiling. Never stretch or exercise by twisting your low back, but twisting your mid back with hips lined up in a stable position is great.

After mid back stretching, move to stretching your hips flexors then core stability exercises are a must- planks and side planks.



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March 3rd, 2010 at 9:02 pm

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August 14th, 2011 at 2:11 pm

You’ve hit the ball out the park! Increidlbe!

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