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3 Easy Mom Recipes, 1 Fat Loss Circuit Answer

In: Food & Nutrition

8 Feb 2010

Today is Monday and I use this day to work on my Baby Bump Fitness program, spend time with my youngest daughter and COOK. I cook a bunch on meals for the week on Monday so I am never at a loss for a healthy meal. Diet is the key to a permanent healthy lifestyle. You can workout as hard as you can, but if you are making poor food choices you will plateau and never reach your true fat loss potential. For a busy mom what are the biggest set backs when preparing healthy meals- PREPARING period. If you are prepared you will succeed. The conscious level of preparation will help avoid starving binges, poor food choices and general stress around making/eating meals. Again I love to cook, I love to eat and enjoying new recipes and the meals I have prepared for the week gives me great satisfaction. I was not always this organized, and still have the typical mommy set backs. I fell victim to the coffee/chocolate diet, skipping meals and snacks, not enjoying my food because of being starving and eating whatever crap was available.

Today on the menu I am making pasta sauce, chicken, and roast veggie salad. Please read the recipes below.
Homemade Pasta Sauce

1 pack of 6 Italian sausages- squeeze the meat out and cook it in a large pot
– add 3 pint packs of cherry or grape tomatoes
– 1 garlic clove, salt and pepper, some olive oil
– I like to add rosemary or basil
-chopped zuchini
– chopped red pepper
-today chopped celery other days chopped broccoli including stocks
– olives

This is simple and yes my kids do eat it, for them I will sometimes puree it as the texture is more watery then store bought sauce.


I club pack of chicken thighs, add season salt and cook- this gives me about 20 pieces of chicken on hand for meals and snacks.  The cooked chicken gives way to easy meals such as chicken burritos, chicken on salad- very versatile.

Roast Veggie Salad

Take a mix of different coloured peppers about 3-4 in total
zucchini chopped
purple onion
1 pint cheery tomatoes
cover with olive oil
add salt/ and season salt
roast in oven or bbq
I like to add basil for garnish when I serve it and bocconcini

A simple, healthy, tasty side of vegetables for any meal or add some chicken to the veg medley and this is the meal. Put this in some taco or burrito shell with a few more items such as chicken or cheese and you have another meal. So this one tray of vegetables has versatility for the week.

None of the meals are gourmet by any means, but they are all versatile.  Each recipe yields at least 2 options for the week as either the main or the side dish.  Having these staples prepared and on hand is great for me when I get home from work with 2 hungry kids.

Nisha posted a great question regarding the circuit I posted last day. I have posted my response. I did not write or define the number of repetitions for each exercise. The ideal scenario is the use the resistance that allows for an 8 reps max, the other option is posted in my reply.

Fathers Love- One of my clients was struck by tragedy this weekend as he lost his youngest son in a car accident.   This hardworking stern man always lights up when I asked him about his kids.  I can hear the love in his voice, the expression on his face and the excitement when he talks about all of his children.  Brian and family our love and thoughts are with you and Brendan.

I was inspired to take Kasia ice skating while Ava watched and just enjoyed time with them.  All of the sudden little stresses melted away as I took a moment to look at the big picture.

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February 8th, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Great recipes. Thanks. We will enjoy.

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