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Putting It Out There- 2 studies

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11 Jan 2010

There are plenty of programs out there promoting HIIT.  This stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  This can be performed in many modes such sprint intervals, resistance super-set, 6-8 exercise circuits, tabata style intervals.  I definitely am an advocate of using resistance training in these intervals as well.  Does this mean barbells, dumbbells- yes and no.  You can also get plenty of resistance from body weight exercises.BabyBump Mom Fitness 090

I have put it out there that I am an advocate of this type of training, as well as all of the scrutiny that comes along with it , so I have put up 2 studies today to support my methods.   These programs yield real results for real people in Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness.

There are many people that are resistant to believing that HIIT is a more efficient way to stimulate fat burning.  It is important to realize we are looking at efficiency- not superiority- burning fat is burning fat.  Let’s look at a few studies.

Study 1

Department of Kinesiology IWC AB122, McMaster University, 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4K1, Canada.

Mechanism-“Brief, intense exercise training may induce metabolic and performance adaptations comparable to traditional endurance training. However, no study has directly compared these diverse training strategies in a standardized manner.We therefore examined changes in exercise capacity and molecular and cellular adaptations in skeletal muscle after low volume sprint-interval training (SIT) and high volume endurance training (ET).”

Training time commitment over 2 weeks was approximately 2.5 h for SIT and approximately 10.5 h for ET, and total training volume was approximately 90% lower for SIT versus ET ( approximately 630 versus approximately 6500 kJ). Training decreased the time required to complete 50 and 750 kJ cycling time trials, with no difference between groups.

This study summerizes that using SPRINT INTERVAL training required 2.5 hours of time commitment over 2 weeks compared to 10.5 hours in the Endurance group. 

Study 2

Two weeks of high-intensity aerobic interval training increases the capacity for fat oxidation during exercise in women

Jason L. Talanian,1 Stuart D. R. Galloway,2George J. F. Heigenhauser,3Arend Bonen,1and Lawrence L. Spriet1

This study showed whole body fat oxidation increased 36% after HIIT.  The study concluded 7 sessions of HIIT over a 2 weeks period increased whole body and skeletal muscle capacity for fat oxidation during exercise on moderately active women.  You can view the link here, but permission for reprint needs to be requested-


I hope you enjoy these reads, now lets looks at how you as a busy mom can benefit from these studies.  The studies show using HIIT is a quicker way to fat burning.  The first study shows a times savings of 8 HOURS between the 2 groups.  The second study indicates a greater fat oxidation capacity with interval training and I love this one because it uses moderately active women, probably just like many people reading this .  These 2 studies show greater fat burning in less time.

8 HOURS– this time is like gold for a mom.  In the real world this is : one extra night of sleep, 4 movies, 24- 20 minute showers, 2 one half days at the spa, 2 house cleans, one day at the office.  Just think of what you could do with 8 extra hours over 2 weeks.  Let’s hear it.

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