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Great Opportunities-Goals 2010

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14 Jan 2010

Writing down your wants in all areas of your life has proven extremely useful to achieving your goals.  I have written down my Fitness and Personal goals for the near future.  Journals will give you time to reflect on what you have, want you want and makes you think how you will get there.  I challenge you to try this and share it with the group.  I want to hear at least 3 fitness and 3 personal goals from each of you, finally share what you are grateful for. I think personal goals as a mother are extremely important as you can easily forget about yourself or be forgotten in the family mix with children.Christmas 09 002

Things I am looking forward to in 2010.

Fitness Goals
1. Using my new chin up bar, although I can only find one door frame in our old house that it fits.
2. Getting new 25kg and 32kg kettlebells
3. Mastering the kettlebell windmill with 18 kg
4. Completing more than 5 overhand grip chin ups
5. Losing my Christmas fat, as I was finally not pregnant or nursing after 5 years, I overindulged in wine
6. Integrating more TRX blast strap exercises into my workouts- I currently use my dogs old leash and a foam door attachment piece, ya not the safest.
7. I want to complete a full one legged pistol squat with my weak right leg.
8. Integrate a formal regular stretching routine into my week.

Personal Goals
1. Spending more time with my girls at our new family cottage this summer.
2. Using my guitar more often and learning 3 new songs well.
3. Maintaining, rekindling friendships that have been on hold during early parenthood.
4. Visiting/phoning my Oma more often.
5. Learning to make samosasChristmas 09 017
6. Entertain more again this year
7. Try to make a Mexican Mole sauce
8. Mountain bike more, just for pleasure and exploration
9. Make a tree fort

Things I am grateful for this past year
1. Ava starting to walk at a late 18 months, but not as late as Kasia at 20-21 months.
2. Attending my Oma’s 95th birthday party
3. Taking the plunge to change our lifestyle
4. My regular personal training clients who have remained loyal through 2 pregnancies and years of my postpartum exhaustion
5.   Finding a small organic coffee house near my work
6.  The parking lot attendant I have befriended in downtown Toronto, that often gives me a break or lets me pay late because as a mom I never have money in my pocket.
7.  Ava loving basketball
8.  Having the opportunity to train at the ACC Toronto Maple Leafs  gym Dickie Lake 2009 040
9.  My dog Sammy, who never judges and is often mistaken for 8 months although she is 8 years old, her tail never stops wagging.
10.  My husband, who constantly challenges and inspires me to be better.

Lets hear them, share with us.

My workout today Jan 14- Circuit Training- I had 30 minutes to get changed, get this done, showered and ready to see my next client. 

Continuous – prone jackknife, 1 arm dumbbell snatch, hamstring curls, jump squats, alternating bent over row, explosive pushups, plank up-up/down-down.  10 of each moves, rest 2 minutes and repeat.  I then performed 2 sets of overhand grip pullups.  Stretch – gluts, hip flexors, pecs, hamstrings.

2 Responses to Great Opportunities-Goals 2010


Maopa Lutui

January 20th, 2010 at 4:25 am

Great list. Coming through from Mamavation:)



January 20th, 2010 at 3:26 pm

Thanks Maopa, you too keep up the good work. This is a woman working on her own fitness/lifestyle challenge and recognizes the importance of goal setting.

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