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Pregnancy Exercise Routine- holiday edition

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29 Dec 2009

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  So what is it like to be pregnant through the holidays?  You are missing out on unpasteurized cheeses, wine and need more sleep than others.  On a positive note you are not hungover, most likely have gone to bed on time.  Your only enemy could be too much chocolate.   If you are enjoying holiday chocolate please limit your portions to avoid excess sugar and caffeine. Opt for dark organic chocolate, not the cheap candy coated kind.  

Although during pregnancy you may not be a bundle of energy, you may be feeling slightly more motivated than others around you.  Keep it up, lead by example.  Do short exercise routines 10 minutes is all you need to boost your energy, keep your blood flowing and make you and your baby more healthy.  Try this great little pregnancy exercise routine, for healthy pregnant women in any trimester.


Bi lateral Back Extension- 5x

Squats- 5x

Side Lying leg raises- 10x

Kneeling Push ups-5x

Wall Slides- 10x

Enjoy this little routine and keep up the good work.

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