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5 Stretches and 2 Fat Blasters

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21 Dec 2009

Today I am going to post a little stretching program.  Stress and cold weather along with dehydration can really tighten everything up.  My own shoulder is bugging my with all this change and the fact that my daughter has just gained weight. 


BabyBump Mom Fitness 209BabyBump Mom Fitness 211BabyBump Mom Fitness 212BabyBump Mom Fitness 214BabyBump Mom Fitness 2061. neck/traps   2.  traps/scapula   3. pectorials   4. gluteals   5.  hip flexor

Hold each busy mom fitness stretch 10-30 seconds, stretch until you feel tension but not pain.



Try adding 1 of these 2 busy mom Fat Loss blasters to the end of your workout.

1.  Burpie Countdown do 10 burpies take 30-60 seconds rest and perfomr 9 burpies take 30-60 seconds rest and do 8 burpies, repeat until you get to 1.  For beginners start with a 5-1 countdown.

2. Burpie Blaster- as many bupries as you can in 90 seconds, 30 seconds rest, 60 second of burpies, 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds burpies DONE- 2 minutes of work.


Enjoy your holiday season with your families and friends.   Times goes quickly and reflect about your children for just 5 minutes, enjoy what you have accomplished.

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