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BabyBump Mom Fitness 104After returning home from my grandma’s 95th birthday party I have had a slow start to the week.  Today I did a small busy mom fitness workout consisting of a dynamic warmup, with various super-sets each 2x through.

Superset1- Bulgarian split squat with elevated foot side plank

Superset 2- Front barbell squat, horizontal pullups, decline push ups

Superset 3- vertical overhand grip pullup with overhead push press- to max everything

Superset4- Reverse lunge with jump squats

This took me about 30 minutes to complete and I worked steady without long breaks.  I just want to stay healthy so I can make it to 95 as well.  It was great to catchup with all my cousins and their meeting their children.  The holiday season has arrived as well as the cold.  I have noticed a trend of stress and weather causing people to be a bit tighter than usual and some overeating/drinking and late nights can make for a slow start in your workout.  What I have done is put my personal clients on a fat loss regime for December to beat the gut so to say using the Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness program.  For the remainder of the time we foam roll and stretch to overcome stress and exhaustion that comes along with the holiday season.  I think this is a great regime to follow to prevent weight gain, manage holiday stress and the change of seasons. I must say I am very proud of my clients this year- NONE of them are overindulging- so far- they seem to be keeping everything in balance and are really getting the basics of why they are working out and what a month of sabotage can do.  Well done to everyone.  Let me know how you are doing and what little tricks you use to stay away from excessive holiday temptation.

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