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Surprise Energy

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28 Oct 2009

BabyBump Mom Fitness 159Today I thought I had NO ENERGY, but I surprised myself and ripped out a great busy mom workout.   I think I just got into the “poor me” mindset because the weather was crappy, I am a single parent for the next few days, blah, blah, blah.  I started with my foam rolling and some mobility exercise, I decided to try a few lift, I got on a roll and ended with  a unilateral overload workout for my right leg, as it is substantially weaker than my left due to delivery complications.   For anyone with muscle imbalances you know how challenging it is to undertake one sided overload training, you really have to be up for it.  It is frustrating to say the least.  I conquered it today when I thought I could not.  I just put on my gym short with the mentality that some exercise is better than none and got into the groove.

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The girls are getting very excited for Halloween.  Kasia has been hearing ghost voices outside of her window at night and calling us in on a regular basis.  To her defence our tree in our front yard is scraping against her window, but since it is a CITY of TORONTO TREE, we cannot trim it- all Torontonians know this stupid law.  We are now on  a year and a half wait list to get the branches trimmed off of her window.  I just hope it gets trimmed before next Halloween.

Ava has walked once, but regressed again.  She loves dancing and is speaking.  I often get praised for wiping her bum at diaper change, “good girl mommy”.  Well Mike gets the same praise- “good girl da da”.

Tonight my heart skipped a beat when I was searching for one of my clients journals.  I asked for his journal where he records his workouts while he is away on a road trip.  I have analysed his routine and made some new warmup and rehab routines for him.  Of course I searched the house to find this journal, it was no where to be found.  I politely approached Kasia and asked if she had a new art book.  “Why yes, I have hidden it under Sammy’s teddy bear (full of spit) under my art table”.  She crawled under and got it for me, I could breath again.  The significance of this journal is huge, this is the workout program of an ex professional athlete and general manager of our local NHL team, currently the most influential sports figure in Toronto.  Yes his workouts covered with crayons, dog spit and toys- thank god he is still on his road trip.

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