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MOM FITNESS Dancing Queen

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11 Feb 2009

Every night after dinner my 3 year old asks to be excused from the table and goes to turn on the TV. We have ended this, “NO TV, you can listen to music or play with your toys”. My daughter out of her own volition has decided to DANCE, as we have music on anyway during dinner. She is discovering how to move her body, feel the music, amusing herself and is being physically active. She needs this for her own physical development. Childhood obesity is on the rise and most children are not getting any sort of physical activity. Studies have shown children that have a physical outlet are able to concentrate and learn better in a structured environment. So I ask you, why are many schools cutting physical education programs, so the children can be more distracted and learn less? All I know is I cannot rely on others and I have taken it upon myself to make physical activity a part of my daughters life everyday. Check out the video clip of her dancing.

Yesterday I had a great barbell workout and it was the first weight lifting I had done since getting over the flu. I took 1-2 minutes of recovery between exercises. My busy mom fitness Workout– dynamic warmup, barbell full front squats 2 sets, barbell push presses, good mornings, deadlifts 2 sets, Romanian deadlifts 3 sets max weight, lateral band walks, band assisted pullups 2 sets, stretching. I had a client cancel at the gym and had time to do a slower workout and spent more time on my static stretching routine.

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February 12th, 2009 at 1:29 am

How sweet. I think it’s a great idea and a great way to get kids into an active mode. Just because the weather forces us to be stuck in the house doesn’t mean we have to give up right? Keep the music playing and have a great time.


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