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5 Key Points to Tranform Your Body Before the New Year

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7 Oct 2009

Wouldn’t it be great to have the body you want before the mad holiday season arrives. You will be confident in your Dickie Lake 144keep sake family photos, happy about yourself, managing your stress and have established healthy eating and workout habits to get you through that holiday season. Instead of gaining 10 pounds over the next 3 months what about losing 15lb? You can do it. Follow these simple rules and get a jump on your future.

1. Exercise – less is more. That’s right, exercising for a shorter period of time at a higher intensity will burn the fat. Just check out some of the research about this post at my blog.

2. Nutrition – be consistent, organized and eat natural food 90% of the time. Get social support from family members or coworkers to help keep you on track. Pick up a copy of the Baby Bump Busy Mom Fitness program as it includes a 12 weeks meal plan with weekly email support as a free bonus.

3. Start small – many of you reading are new mothers and may not be ready for intense, regular exercise. I assure you starting small will set you up for fast success in the future. Fix your posture, make exercise part of your routine and prepare yourself for a regular routine. THESE THINGS MATTER for long lasting results. All new mothers can start with the Furious 5, if you want to take this a bit further in my new program new moms are given 10 exercises to progress through.

If you are doing regular exercise small progressions in your workout last a lifetime, adding an extra burpee does help.
If you are sleep deprived return to your joint stability, foam rolling or starter 10 exercises. Again maintaining proper posture will put you leaps and bounds ahead after 3 months.

4. Have a plan – don’t just aimlessly workout, be organized each session. Know what you are going to do, how many days a week you will workout and you will avoid repeating the same exercises and avoid plateau. Have a plan for your eating as well- this may mean following a meal guide, writing out a grocery list and meals for the week ahead of time. For me I am not a journaler of food or exercise, but this just might be your solution. Write down your routines and food, post them at the Baby Bump Blog for accountability and support.

5. NEVER GIVE UP– this is the most important step of all. As mothers we have set backs in our daily routine (or nightly routine). These are often unavoidable and can make you feel like giving up. DON’T GIVE UP every reading this letter has been there, you are not alone. Seek social support, ask for support at my blog- you will get it. Have an exercise plan for when you are sleep deprived, have an exercise plan for when your back or wrist is sore from holding your baby – knowing what to do is half the battle. The other half of the battle is seeing things in the long term, You may get interrupted or your planned workout time has been eaten up by having to change a dirty diaper and give you kid an extra bath. Yes this can make you feel sh***y, but even if you were to preform the warm up portion of your workout, or 1x 4 minute circuit, 10 lunges and 10 push-ups, you will feel better and you will be stringer in the long run. Think if this happens to you 1x a week for 12 weeks- that is 12 missed workouts, but if you could squeeze in 10 lunges and 10 push-ups- that’s 120 lunges and 120 push-ups that you might not have done, that’s a lot of fat burning exercise.

Beat the holiday blues and get a jump on your health- start today and follow these 5 rules to success.

Moms Unite,


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August 14th, 2011 at 4:45 am

You are so awoesme for helping me solve this mystery.

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