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Avoid Pregnancy Related Muscle Cramps

In: Pregnancy Fitness Solutions

6 Oct 2009

IMG_3735Muscle cramps are a nagging part of pregnancy. A few way to avoid muscle cramps are;

1. Preform a proper warm up and cool down during your exercise routine. Your cool down should be extended and gradually bring your heart rate back to resting before perform static stretching. This will keep blood from pooling in your extremities and contributing to muscle cramps. You blood vessels are relaxed due to hormonal changes and pumping blood from extremities is more of a chore, allowing pooling- this is another reason why a cool down is important.

2. Foam Rolling- perform foam rolling as a form of self myofacial release to keep blood flowing around your muscles and help relax the unavoidable tightness is certain muscles caused by pregnancy posture. You can get a copy of the foam rolling routine as a free bonus product in the Baby Bump Pregnancy Fitness System.

3. Stretch- static stretch your calves, hamstrings, low back (in length not rotation), chest muscles, gluteals and hip flexors.

4. Diet and hydration- each your potassium, calcium and magnesium to avoid muscle cramps. Drink plenty of water. Potassium rich foods are potatoes and bananas.

Following these 4 steps can help you get a better night sleep and avoid pregnancy muscles cramps.



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