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29 Jan 2009

As a mom you are constantly surrounded by germs and sickness. The kids bring everything home for daycare and school, you pick things up at work and the public transit. During the dead of winter it is inevitable, you will probably catch a little virus. This is no excuse to fall off of your mom fitness and nutrition program though. Don’t sabotage your results, this is a time to embrace your nutrition to help fight the virus. Make sure you are eating lots of veggies and food rich in vitamin C. Now as for your workout, I am not saying go and pump out 50 push ups. This is time for modification and gentle circulation, not the time for fat loss or muscle building. If you remain slightly active your exercise will be much easier after your virus has cleared. You have stayed on your schedule.

Let’s reflect on what happens to your body when you feel sick- You cough or sneeze pulling your head and chest forward and collapsing at your abdomen. Therefore you can perform chin retraction, pec stretching and overhead reaching to counteract the tightness resulting from a cough or sneeze. You will automatically curl into a ball (fetal position) when sick, so it is important to keep you hip flexors stretched out as well and try to be aware of hunching your shoulders. Just be aware of your body and I guarantee when the time comes to perform intense exercise again you will be a step ahead.

My Workout-Today I have a virus so after work I did some foam rolling and stretching, and performed a front plank so I don’t get too lazy in the belly and glut bridges. This was gentle and I feel a little less run down.

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