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Get Fat Out of Your Head-Reasons For Exercise

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16 Sep 2009

I just had to write as a proud mom, Kasia’s first day of Junior Kindergarten went awesome.  Here is her photo.  So this is what I did to prepare myself for her first week of school and my husband travelling as well.  I made the girls a breakfast schedule so first thing in the morning I am not scrambling for the rush.  As a working parent this I find , is the most stressful part of the day.  So I will head stress off at the pass and plan for it.  I am focused on success and want the girls to leave the house with a full belly.


Monday-breakfast sausage, cereal, mixed berries

Tuesday- blueberry waffle, sausage, apple

Wednesday-raisin toast, applesauce, sausage

Thursday- mini muffin, banana, drinking yogurt

Friday- scrambled eggs, yogurt, fruit

1st Day School 2009 012

Busy Mom Fitness– Get Fat Out of Your Head

So at the end of last days post FAT IS ONLY A FEELING, I indicated we need to address your reasons for working out. Be honest- is it to look, good, lose fat, tone your arms, see your abs? Or is it to be healthy, fix your pregnancy posture, be strong, prevent overuse injuries, feel great? Let me know your answers in the comments.

A bit of insight can go a long way. So all of you have just been through a life and body changing experience-PREGNANCY. Do you know what pregnancy does to your posture? Well it pushes your head forward, rounds your upper back (like a hunch back), sways your low back, rotates your hips outwards so you walk like a penguin, forces you to walk with your weight in the balls of your feet. So all of these changes in your posture can exacerbate and create pain in your neck, shoulders and back. Relaxin and prolactin when nursing can further create joint instability and your can be left with nagging little injuries in your joints. (Refer to wrist video for tips if this is you).
So that being said are you caring for your baby/children with optimal posture and pain free? Probably not, so make this your first priority of why you are working out, to care for your new baby and prevent any further change in your posture that can lead to pain. Low grade, nagging pain can change you, wear you down ever more and make you a grouchy mommy.  Start with the Furious 5 exercises for brand new moms.

Reason number 2 STRESS RELEIF- yes do something for yourself, exercise can be it. This is a positive in so many ways. Exercise relieves stress, releases endorphins to help with depression, manage anxiety, promote healing and health, gain strength to care for your baby. It does not have to be strenuous until you feel ready, but there is power in doing something for yourself and it can be as simple as starting the Furious 5.

Lets hear your reasons for exercising mom. We will tackle the athlete mentality later this week.

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