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15 Dec 2008

Glad to be back and trying to establish some sort of routine during this busy holiday season. As a mother the holiday season is 10 fold hectic-over tiered kids, kids at parties and on sugar, moms on alcohol to deal with overtired kids, lots of holiday treat temptation and too busy to exercise. WHAT TOO BUSY TO EXERCISE!! If this is your life take control. View exercise as an outlet, something to take you away from the stress and temptation of the holiday season. You get some alone time, you won’t be spending money, drinking or eating during your few moments of fitness solitude. For the most part no one will bother a busy new mom as she tries to establish her exercise routine. Ask for it and you will receive–yes family support as you start or maintain your post partum exercise routine. Let someone else take the reins for 15 minutes.

My workout today- warm up-leg and arm swings, shoulder clock, wall shoulder press/rotation, side planks, stationary lunge, 10 crunches with 1 leg extended, warm up set full squat. My fat loss circuit 3 exercises, 3 sets, 10 reps of full squat with dumbbell shoulder press, modified pull ups, kettle bell swings.

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