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Great Day for Mom Athlete

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26 Aug 2009

Ever had one of those days when you feel like you are about 12 years old again. Your senses are on high alert and the world is your oyster. Well it happened to me yesterday. I never thought this late in my fitness training career I would make it training in a professional athletes gym, but I did. WOW, what an experience to be working in this environment of what is easily Toronto’s most popular professional sports team.

I did my training research as always, but did not do any personality research. I find you can easily get the wrong impression of famous people by reading media and other peoples reports. I was honest and told him that up front and asked his opinion of himself. My husband freaked me out a bit when he indicated you will be training currently the most influential man in Toronto sport, so I haven’t talked about this until now.
I got nervous just before our first meeting as I paced around the Air Canada Centre, all the sport shops, reading up on the history, and generally casing the place.

For me and I think 90% of trainers out there this is a dream come true. I am an ex-athlete and will always be an athlete at heart.  I  have  been in competitive sports until having my children. I get it.
Weird things go through your head as a female and a mom when entering this type of environment. Maybe they will think I’m a dance girl or something-NOT, I couldn’t fit that bill if I tried. Are their stigmas with being a mother when around professional sport- I felt for sure there was. So this leads me to my next mind dilemma, do I disclose I have kids, might this limit my opportunity. I got a tour of the private facility before we trained and his first comment to me was “you have kids?, how old? we can bring them in sometime.” Turns out I am not the only one doing their homework. I held my own and walked out of there on top of the world. I wanted to share my experience with someone, so I told my girls all about it as we walked home from daycare. They had no idea what I was talking about.  All they know is that mommy is strong and I was excited.  My positive energy rubbed off on them as they jumped on Kasia’s bed when we got home.
Dickie Lake 235

My busy mom workout

Workout 1– I did my own challenge that was posted a few days ago. The challenge will be closed as of Sunday so give it a go and get your results posted in the comments section for your chance to win a great prize.  Total time 12 min 31 sec.  no jump squats on the berpee just a reach.  Round one time 2:45, 2 min rest, round 2 time 2:44, 2 min rest, round 3 time 3:02 fro a time total of 12:31.
Workout 2– hamstring ball curls, kettlebell windmills, pushup to kettlebell handle with plank rotation at top, full body reach rotations with my homemade ghetto suspension trainer (made out of dog leashes), full body rotation with band/cable pull transitioning into band push, side plank crunch with row, plank with opposite arm and leg reach, glut/ham raise.
Workout 3– strength focus- full squats, push presses, goodmornings, clean and presses, deadlifts bentover rows and explosive pullup with a switch grip at the top using my power band to assist me.

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