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Exercise Selection

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25 Nov 2008

Today on my lunch hour I raced up to my daughters school to see her 30 second performance of reciting a poem at the schools annual book drive. (really she just held up a sign and mouthed a few words) I cut through traffic and made it in time, only to realize I had left my water bottle open in my bag and it spilled all over my camera. My camera was “buzzing” from my bag and it is “toast”. One ruined digital camera, one 40$ parking ticket, heaps of stress in downtown traffic was worth the 30 seconds as she smiled at me in the audience. Oh yah, there will be a short break in video postings until I can manage to get a new camera.

I had a good day training people. My workout – full squat/press, kettle bell cleans, modified pull ups, weighted burpie press -break 1 minute-heavy front chop, modified pull ups, kettle bell clean and press, burpies, bent over rows.

My workout program is extremely short, it takes me about 10 minutes. If you look at my exercise selection you will notice they are all total body exercises with a huge metabolic benefit. This is an example of a fat loss workout for new mothers. If you want to lose the fat after your baby bump this is where you need to be. A workout like this does come with preparation such as muscle balancing work, post partum core training, rest and nutrition. If you do the prep, the intense workout is short and the PAY OFF is huge to help you get your body back after having a baby. This 10 minute workout requires so much oxygen that your body goes into “oxygen debt” and will work hard all day to repay itself, this is where you get the fat loss benefit. Exercise selection is very important and you should have a good reason for performing each exercise in your program or you are waisting your time.

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November 26th, 2008 at 12:39 am

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