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Help, I Think My Husband Used My Nursing Pads to Clean the Bathroom

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13 Nov 2008

Help, I think my husband used my nursing pads to clean the bathroom. I was getting ready for work, and this is a long day of not nursing, so naturally I need to manage the leaks. I opened the cupboard and it was bare. All I can think in my head was my husband was on a cleaning rampage this past weekend and now I have no breast pads left from under the bathroom sink…yeah beside the basket of toilet paper and cleaning clothes. It was a long day and I wore a hoodie.

I had a smokin’ workout. My workout kettle bell swings as my interval and my 4 exercises were; full squat dumbbell press, push up off stability ball, burpie press, ball pull in, 3x thru. Enjoy this one.

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