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Waiters Bow or Deadlift for Mom

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14 Aug 2009

You probably read it in all the fitness articles.  If you want to lose fat and gain strength you need to be doing total body exercises.  The most common ones that I see written about, especially for women are the Squat and the Lunge.  I love them both, but there is a third that I feel is more important if you are ever going to progress properly into explosive fat burning moves and is more functional than a squat or lunge.  It is the Deadlift.  The Deadlift  is a fundamental move to progressing into some real high intensity lifts that are so efficient a few per workout is all you need.  This total body exercise should be mastered by anyone as you can perform one leg versions, and transition into complexes like the clean and press and kettle bell work. 

Enough of the barbell jargen, I’m a mom who cares?  Well you should because a Deadlift is also a functional lift off the floor and every mom is performing this at least 100x a day.  How any times do you bend forward aimlessly to pick up your child, toys off the floor or clean up a mess?  Well instead of stooping forward and rounding your back try pushing back through your hips and bracing your abdominals keeping a flat back with a slight knee bend.  I think if you assess your mechanics of how you lift things on a daily basis you will realize a forward bend (deadlift)  is the preferred move over a full squat.  With a few modifications to your stoop you can save your back, be able to lift more and get a great workout at the same time.  My video demonstrates this functional move. 

To get a copy of a free 4 week workout featuring the Waiters Bow / Deadlift please sign up at the side of this blog.

There is a great bonus workout performed by my kids at the end of the video.

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