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Pay It Forward

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11 Nov 2008

I am on my own this week, my husband is on a business trip. I woke up this morning, got my eldest ready for her school picture day, and searched the house for something beginning with the letter “I” for show and tell- no dice. As I was packing up the girls the green bin recycle truck arrived early and had emptied our bin- I left the girls in the front hall and went chasing the truck down the street with a stinky bag of diapers in hand. It is crucial to get your stuff in the green bin in Toronto because the city is crawling with raccoons that will scavenge everything-yes even diapers full of poop. I strapped the girls into their car seats and it was off to the daycare, when I arrived I realized I didn’t have my wallet-I felt naked. Where was it?, I wasn’t quite sure and did not have time to return to the house and look for it. This is where I call on FAVOUR #1- I phoned my sister and asked her if I could borrow some money for the day, I knew I would see her because she is the owner of the school my daughter attends. So I traded in the toddler and took the money at the school. ($ and kid drop -good deeds #1 and #2 cashed in) I proceed downtown to train clients, it went well. I check my email and the twittermoms have left me some very encouraging support meassages about my blog. (encouragment-good deed #3)
One of my clients performed a new exercise today. She was shocked and explained, “this one is pulling in my Kegel.” Wow I’m better than I thought- I told this professional writer client-I have to write about it, Gail this one’s for you.
On my way to pick up my daughter a friend and colleague phoned to let me know I had left my diaper bag with my wallet in it at another gym that I am affiliated with. (phone call-good deed #4) I knew I didn’t have time to go get my bag across town, so I called on The Fit and Busy Dad, Chris Lopez, because he doesn’t have enough to do. He checked his schedule and said he’s training in the area tomorrow so he will use his only 1/2 hour break to go pick up my diaper bag and wallet, and bring it back to our hood, we are neighbours.(wallet retrieval-good deed #5). Chris, the Fit and Busy Dad is a stand up guy, I am friends with him and his wife Rozanne. Reviewing my week I can appreciate how much I ask of them. Saturday morning I call his place asking to borrow some DVDs for work, I turn up with 1 kid in hand and he offers me his entire DVD educational library which is worth it’s weight, if he doesn’t have it, it ain’t worth having. I sit at his kitchen table while he cooks breakfast for his 4 daughters and wife, and he still has time to offer me an espresso. (DVDs and espresso- good deeds #6 & #7). Amazing to watch this family in action, they have got it together. You can check out Chris and his family at
The day is coming to an end and I turn up at the daycare to see the baby is in a different outfit- this means only 1 thing- a poo explosion. The daycare provider offers to wash the poo filled clothes and she will keep them on hand for the next time. (good deed #8-washing my babies poo clothes)
Sometimes you just need a couple of good gestures as a mom and I definitely needed and appreciated every single one of them today.
Todays workout-I am tired and will be taking the day off.

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