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GUEST POST -Anger Management Tips for Stressed Out Parents

In: Kids & Mom

20 Jul 2009

Today, I have a guest post written from parenting expert Cascia Talbert of the Healthy Moms Network.  Cascia is a busy mom and 39 weeks pregnant so she knows about being tired and dealing with toddlers.

Anger Management Tips for Stressed Out Parents

By Cascia Talbert

  I love my kids but as a mother I have found the job to be overwhelming, frustrating and at times very stressful too.  My children are not the little angels that I imagined they would be before I had kids.

 Some days I get so upset that I wish I could just disappear. Has this ever happened to you?  What did you do about it? What can you do about it.

If you find yourself yelling and screaming at your children you need to learn how to calm down and better handle the situation.  The best thing that you can do for yourself and your kids is to walk away.  Yelling does not solve any problems.  If your children are older they will just think that yelling is appropriate behavior and yell right back at you.  Younger children might get scared if they hear mommy yelling all the time.


I found a technique that helps me stay calm, control my anger and better manage my children’s bad behavior.  1-2-3 Magic has saved me from endless battles with my children. Below are the basics behind this disciplinary method.

 1. If your child misbehaves you look at him and calmly say “That’s one.”

 2. Wait a couple of seconds for your child to reverse the behavior. If the behavior continues then calmly say, “That’s two.”

 3. Wait a few more seconds for your child to reverse his behavior. If it still continues then calmly say,”That’s three. Take a time out.

 Your child should be sent to a quiet place either her room, a chair or a corner for a time out.  If your child is two years old the time out shouldn’t be longer than two minutes.  Add an additional minute for each year of your child’s age.

 Sometimes parents get confused and make mistakes using this method. One very common error is talking in between counting.  The dialogue below is a good example of this.

 Child, “Mom, can I have a twinkie?”

Mom, “No. We are going to have dinner soon. You can have your twinkie after dinner.”

Child, “Please, Mom! I want my twinkie now!”

Mom, “I said no. Now that’s one. You know you are not supposed to eat a snack right before dinner. This has always been my rule. Now please stop bothering me about this or I will say two.”

Child then proceeds to argue with Mom.

 If Mom decided to just say, “Now that’s two,” the child might have left it alone and walked away.

 Some parents also have trouble staying calm while counting or they pause too long.  Showing emotion such as anger will not help the situation. Children don’t need a whole lot of time to reverse their behavior.

 1-2-3 Magic is simply a way to train your child to behave properly.  You can use this method anywhere not just at home. If your child throws fits at the grocery store give her a time out in the parking lot or go to a different section of the store for the time out such as customer service. If you are in a public place you will have to sit with your child for the time out. If your kids fight in the car you can have a time out by pulling over. Make sure all caregivers understand this disciplinary method and agree to use it while watching your children if you are not around.

 1-2-3 Magic has helped me gain better control of my kids, maintain my sanity and reduce stress as a parent. For more information on this disciplinary method visit Parent

 Cascia Talbert is the editor and CEO of Healthy Momsan online health and parenting magazine and networking site for moms.  Thanks Cascia, I definitely needed this today.

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