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15 Jul 2009

Today allowed me some time in my schedule so I had a longer workout (45 minutes).  I really pushed my max limits on many of my lifts today.  I had time to rest between sets and went for it. 

My Busy Mom Strength Workout Today

Warm Up Circuit-2x- full front barbell squat/barbell push press/barbell good mornings/ barbell lunges

BIG LIFTS 2 sets Romanian Deadlifts, 2 sets Full Deadlifts,  2 sets pullups, 2 sets T pushups, 1 set one sided dumbbell incline press for core, 2 sets bent over reverse fly, 2 sets reverse lunges dumb bells, 1 Sets Shoulder Press, 2 sets ball knee ins 3 positions, advanced ball rollouts- exhausted

Yes I try to have one heavy lifting workout a week or every 2 weeks.  I always workout with intensity and to failure, but this is going beyond.  I knew I wanted to do this today, so I took yesterday off of working out and ate a large breakfast.  I am not throwing weights around, but some of my sets are only 5 repetitions until I fail.  You need to keep them (muscles) guessing and for a female this is a great way to strengthen your bones, boost your metabolism and maintain the inevitable 1-3 lbs of annual muscle loss.california 023

I am in for a long night, both girls have gotten up once so far tonight and it’s 11:30pm, there is more crying from one of their rooms and I am on my own tonight.

2 Responses to MOMMY STRENGTH


Marina Kamen aka MARINA

July 17th, 2009 at 10:17 am

What a great blog for moms!
You rock.

Never Stop Movin’!



August 10th, 2009 at 9:58 am

Thanks Marina.

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