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Mom- An Isolated Word

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30 Oct 2008

I picked my baby up from daycare today and she looked at me and said MOM clear as day, she has been mumbling it for a while, but I am now officially “MOMMA”, this is all she can say. I am bursting I need to share this, she is 7 months and time is flying by.

My arm cramp feels better so I did a chop workout yesterday, 7 sets- 4 with small kettle bell and 3 with large kettle bell.

Today I trained clients and then did my workout– 4 sets of front barbell squats, super-set with resistance band kettle bell front chop (very explosive) and finished off with planks. My legs were wobbly.

I have lots of friends who are new mothers, people who have come together from all walks of life with the common thread of being a mother. There is a bond, it is like this unwritten code. When I had my first baby one of my clients/friends called me and said “welcome to the other side”, I knew exactly what she meant. The reality is motherhood is great, it is overall extremely rewarding, but the general day to day service for others is extremely hard. Even though you may be surrounded by others you can still feel isolated, lonely, a lack of accomplishment and overwhelmed. I truly believe fitness can help. It allows you to do something for “yourself” and can elevate your mood tremendously. Whatever your level of fitness their is something out there for everyone, it may be tennis, jogging, thai chi and something as short as the one minute fitness solutions I have been posting. If you start small it will lead to greater things. Starting with the front plank may lead to chin ups or it may just allow you to hold your baby a few moments longer.

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