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Cesarian Birth

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11 May 2009

You may have a planned Cesarean section birth or even an unplanned one waiting to happen. 30% or births are c-sections and on the rise. To get the jump on recovery you can start performing your pelvic floor kegal exercises now. After a cesarean birth your recovery time will be longer. Walking is suggested for the first 2 weeks, but if you are feeling nauseous or light headed or pulling in your incision it’s time to stop. After consulting with your doctor around 6 weeks post partum you may want to start a slightly more intense program with transverse abdominus and more kegal work.

You do not need to wait until your post partum days, you can perform pelvic floor and transverse abdominus work now. Slightly draw in a tense your abdominals while pregnant for transverse work. This will benefit all pregnant women and mothers, but if you are having a c-section this can help with your recovery.

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