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Too Much, Too Soon

In: Busy Mom Fitness Solutions|Exercises

5 Nov 2015

Things are going well for my Strong First recertification.  I had a dicy few weeks with shoulder pain from a barbell snatch.  I jumped the gun and started a new program before completing my cert- I lost focus and it cost me.  I was fully ready a month ago completing and exceeding 100 snatches in 5 minutes, double KB press, Double KB swing, clean and goblet squat as well as the Turkish Get up with 20 kg.  I decided to try my new program early.  Mistake 1.  I got overzealous and added too much weight too soon to the bar. Mistake 2.  Never again.  Now I have been paying for it, literally with RMT appointments, stress and back to square one working my way up again.

How does this relate to you as a new mother??? Too Much Too soon?  Unrealistic expectations?  Small incremental improvements, period.  How is this achieved for happiness.  Basically in life and parenting- write a list and stick to it.  Don’t deviate until it is completed.  Accomplish one thing rather than juggling 10 balls in the air.  This is much more satisfying.  Enjoy your day.

In exercise make sure you follow the free Baby Bump progressions.  Once you can make these regular scheduled workouts, you are ready to tackle a progressive, consistent, exercise  program.  Don’t start too early or you will set yourself up for failure.  Don’t burn out doing half workouts leading to failure.


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