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Strong First Kettlebell Cert

In: Busy Mom Fitness Solutions

26 Oct 2015

BabyBump Mom Fitness 023I look back to 10 years ago now and I was pregnant with my first daughter.  Now I have 2 lovely daughters and 2 dogs.  I remained active during both my pregnancies and in between.  I always started exercising with basics, getting muscles to activate then focussed on getting them to work together in multi joint movements.  I worked my way up and became fortunate enough to work as a professional strength coach/consultant for the NHL 4 years ago.  2 years ago I pursued the prestigious Strong First Kettlebell certification.  In November it will be time to recertify, I have been working hard to prepare.  After I pass my physical testing I will help assist at my first certification.  How does all this tie together???

While remaining ACTIVE between pregnancies I sought the services of a professional Kettle Bell coach.  There was a small Russian fight club gym in my neighborhood where I found a qualified instructor.  I started with one 8kg Bell.  Another baby, progressive programming and years later I become a certified instructor myself.  I continue to practice very few movements with precision.  All moves are multi joint.  Workouts sound simple on paper and are challenging.   I have come full circle, back to basics.  I love my kettle bells.  They are an active parents best friend.  Portable and versitile.

I will continue to take this blog through my personal journey (struggles and victories) of fitness as a mother, providing professional advice as a coach.  Although I may write about my “current” state of fitness, remember I got here using my own progressive programming from pregnancy to post partum and back to full strength.  Everyone is capable of getting their body back.  You are capable of getting your body back.

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