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Great Labour Day

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2 Sep 2014

I had a great labour day workout yesterday.  I am currently working on a test Press program for SFG.  I have 2 more weeks to go to get my max press.  I already achieved this goal last week, I was stoked- so yesterday after pressing and 100 KB swings,  I put a bit more conditioning into my program.  I performed 7×7 (R&L) arms 16kg Kettle bell snatches for 7 minutes- starting a new round at the top of each minute.  After this I preformed ab wheel rollouts super setted with hard style front planks for 30 seconds.  I took an hour long walk through Rattray Marsh conservation area with my family and I was done.

Hope all went well with starting the first day of school.  My kids started a new school today as we moved house a few weeks ago.  I can’t wait to pick them up today and hear all about their new experiences.  Exciting times- new puppy, new house, new school=keep my workout minimal and perfect what I know.

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