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Different Packaging- What Program/Equipment is Best

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25 Feb 2014

With all of the hype around fitness, the different names for “special programs”, new equipment- “ours is the best” mentality who do you believe.  Let me help clarify this.

1.  There has been nothing NEW in the fitness industry in about 40-50 years- most educated trainers and coaches are reading studies (or renewed forms of the originals based on) on programing from the 1970’s- Things have been revisited.

2.  2 Days of any type of activity is recommended to help prevent overuse.  Strengthen- 2 days a week, circuit or condition- 2 days a week, recover 2 days a week.  You get it though- if you only had Kettle bells you could still complete this protocol or strengthen 2x, condition 2x a week.  Mobilize everyday- low stress not really activity.

3.  Choose your weapon– I use all forms of fitness equipment in my training- that is my personal preference and has a bit to do with what is available to me at the time. I am SFG1 Kettle Bell certified, I love kettle bells and use them at home, but still use Barbells, body weight, med balls and bands in my regular training.  The simplification here is- this is my choice, do I need all of this to be strong enough for daily life? NO but I like it- If I only had access to Kettle Bells I would still get results, If I only had body weight I would still get results- you get it.  The results come from a well designed progressive program and your commitment to it- not any one piece of equipment.   A well designed program is progressive, one that uses the tools you have access to or provides substitutions, one you can commit to for you personal situation, has a dynamic warmup with mobility moves, provides stimulus for all different energy systems.


Key points still come down to : a well designed progressive program and your commitment/enjoyment of the program, Your personal drive.

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