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I definately practice what I preach.  I do some form of activity most days of the week.  I do each style of activity only 1-2x/week.  I know as a new mom this investment in time may not be feasible, but short home workouts are.  Regaining your strength and fitness after childbirth is possible.  It just takes consistency.  Don’t kill yourself on any one day- you are in this for the long haul- leave one rep in the tank so you work hard but don’t overexert yourself.  ( a lesson I need to remind myself of often) As you will read below a solid fitness program follows an order.  I have always used this order and have found other like minded people that do as well.  It has never changed- it is the same order and style of program I wrote almost 6 years ago in the Busy Mom Fitness program– 2 days of strength training and 2 days of conditioning.

For instance my week last week-

Monday- Some lighter (practice weight) kettlebell conditioning about 10 minutes worth and Zen Stretch/Breathing class.

Tuesday- Resistance training at Bang Fitness- follow the typical strength pattern- foam roll, dynamic warmups/activation exercises, plyo/power then- a heavy lift (resisted pullup) supersetted with something, density circuit and some core training- the formula is the formula and doesn’t change.

Wednesday- foam roll and joint circles and massage therapy

Thursday- Resistance train at Bang Fitness- follow the same pattern as above- focus on deadlifts.

Friday- Walk my dog for 1 hour, chip ice from our front driveway for an hour- brutal

Saturday- I met with my SFG Kettlebell club.  A very diverse group that meets at 6am Saturday morning to share ideas, train and help one another.  This is the only time that works for everyone- there is a  member with babies, young kids, office worker, Father of teenagers, trainer and physios.  Great group.

Sunday- walk the dog in the park and some ice skating

It is true now that my kids can dress themselves and are capable of pouring themselves a bowl of cereal some time has opened up.  With my new found time I work on a bit more joint mobility or yoga style for relaxing/ recovering my body as I use it a lot for work.  This is my choice as I like to be active- I gravitate to either movement or playing musical instruments.  As you notice each style of activity was only done 2x a week within my schedule to prevent overtraining.   If your preferred method is always Kettlebelling or barbell lifting that is great, just change your load a rep schemes each workout, make sure you have light days where you are practicing your form.


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