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Lunge Progressions

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21 Jan 2013

Have you ever preformed a lunge and you were a little shaky?  Lost your balance slightly?  Use these simple cues to overcome that lose of balance and make sure you are progressing at the right time.  Many time people will start with a more difficult version of an exercise before overcoming the regressed version, I think this is just what is marketed.  What ever looks the fanciest or is the hardest version usually gets published.

Lunge Activation

1. When stepping forward into your lunge make sure you strike heel to toe- NOT toe heel.

2.  As your heel strikes flex your glut and brace your abs.

3. Try to keep you weight even between your front and back leg.

4.  Think – bend your back knee to hover over the floor and pull yourself up with your front heel to return to the top of the lift.  This should keep your ankles/knees and pelvis in line.

The same applies for a rear step lunge. Brace your gluts and abs, then step backwards- follow steps 2-4

Lunge progression– Know where your at

A) Stationary lunge- from your split stance perform only up and down movements

B) Walking Lunge- forward stepping into your lunge position and transferring weight to progress to the next step, balance needed

C) Backwards Lunge – back step lunge and return back to standing mid line, again weight transfer is involved and you can add a knee drive with your transfer leg for further balance requirements.

D) Rear foot elevated Lunge or Split Squat.

Stationary Lunge

There are many variations of each lunge A – D, you can add weight, preform and overhead press, make it explosive ect.  Just remember the basics and build from there.  Assess if you have balance and are activating the correct muscles before progressing.

Reverse Slide Lunge- A-B progression

Rear foot Elevated Split Lunge

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