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Back To School- Back To Life

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11 Sep 2012

The kids are back in school and it’s time for a detox.  I follow a simple no gluten, no dairy, no sugar rule for 2 weeks.  As I approach 40 years old I feel my hormones, actually my entire body,are not as responsive as they once were.  I do this protocal a few times a year to clear help with any excess hormones and potential toxins to bring everything into balance.  My joints do feel better.  This in only relevant for mothers post partum and post nursing.  I am currently reading the Super Charged Hormone Diet by ND Natasha Turner.

Being active has definitely gotten easier as my children are a bit older.  I have been doing SUP- stand up paddle boarding with my kids on the board, yoga 20 minutes a week with my daughter (6 years old) (better than nothing), biking to work and each night walking the dog with the kids.

The corner stone of fitness is still strength training though, you don’t need a lot, but you do need it to make any lasting changes in your body.  Regardless of whatever fitness trend is going on resistance training has always been proven, and I don’t say this lightly, to deliver big benefits.

Simple resistance workout

1- Round the work Lunge  2x

2. 1×10 each – 1 leg deadlift, squat with arm circles, bulgarian split squat – now my legs are warm

3.  Squat to 1 sided overhead press (25 lb dbells)  with reverse band fly 10x    2 sets

4.  Reverse Lunge hold with band row   and    chest fly   10x  2 sets

5.  Bird dog 10x with side bird dog 10x


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