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Mid July Already- park workout

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16 Jul 2012

Wow I cannot believe the date, here we are mid way through the summer.  Hopefully you are getting your summer fitness results.  One small lifestyle change I have added is riding my bike to and from work 2x / week, 30km each of these days.  I feel great but not exhausted from adding in too much.  Time is flying by and I started working 5 days a week last week at the NHL prospect camp.  It is hard on my body, but temporary.  Due to this new undertaking I have also added short YOGA routines of 15-20 minutes to help with tightness from work.  I use a simple I-phone app- this works for me.  I plan on keeping this up 2x/week as well.

A few of my clients have been training in the park with a simple resistance band, 1 kettlebell and a stop watch.  Here is a copy of their busy mom park fat loss workout.

Warmup- dynamic- glut bridges, side planks, balance, lunges, push presses, t spine mobility, upper back

Workout in strength super-set style 2-3 sets, perform each exercise group consecutively, rest and repeat

SS 1     Kettlebell 1 legged deadlift  10x/leg  with  resistance band lunge with a press 10x/side- 2 sets

SS2     Goblet squat with kettlebell  with horizontal pullup using a yoga strap or towel on the park equipment

SS3      Walking kettle bell lunge while passing bell through legs with renegade row

Conditioning- 5 -10 hill sprints or flat run using a 1-3 run to rest ratio

Give this workout a try at your local park, home or backyard- all that’s required is one weight and a towel or strap


Enjoy your summer.



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