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For All Cyclist or Runners

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25 Aug 2011

front plank

Please, please recognize that cycling, running/jogging, walking all of these activities are linear and are Quadriceps dominant. Over time doing consistent quad dominant exercise can lead to tight hip flexors and overuse.  This is directly linked to back pain, hip discomfort and can eventually lead to chronic issues.  To avoid these issues related to high repetition linear moves (running/cycling) doing a small muscle balancing/preventative program every time you run or bike is beneficial.  You can consider this your activation and place it right into your warmup.  This is a very basic, bare minimum approach and a great place to start to keep your muscles balanced to enjoy running or cycling.

1.  Front plank- 2x 30 seconds

side plank

hamstring curls

2. Ball hamstring curls 20x

3. Side planks- 30 seconds each side

4. 1 legged  glut bridge 10x / side

1 legged Cook Hip bridge

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