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Weekend Fat Loss Workout in 10

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25 Apr 2011

My husband and I were short on time this weekend but wanted to get in a little workout before travelling to visit relatives for the Easter Weekend.  We picked 2 exercises and performed 4 super-sets alternating back and forth.

Exercises – 1 vertical pullups- I used a band assisted pullup for 10 reps

                      – 20 front chops or kettlebell swings

4 sets of this super-set and we were ready to travel.  We chose full body exercises to get the most bang for our buck in terms of calorie burning and muscle building.  Our warmup took about 5 minutes and our workout took about 10 minutes.  This was very abbreviated, but some exercise is better than none, especially if you know you are in for a weekend of family parties.  My husband especially wanted to do “something” active to stay on track.  He did not care what- just something that would fit our schedule.  This was a great protocol for a  busy mom fat loss workout, short and effective.

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