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Winter Has Arrived

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25 Nov 2008

It looks like the snow is here to stay here in Toronto. Along with snow, there is ice and traitorous walking conditions for a pregnant woman. This is only amplified if you are carrying another child to the car and trying to lift them into their car seat. During our brutal winter last year I was pregnant and was carrying my toddler to the car as our driveway was under construction. I used a set of anti-slip grips on my winter boots to avoid any accidents. There are 2 types you can get. There is a set you can get at your local Shoppers Drug mart that are a rubber web with wire coils on them that fit onto the bottom of your boots. They cost about 15$ and work well on snow and ice, they are extremely slippery indoors though and I almost had a spill on the TTC out local transit system. There is another brand that runners use and can found at the Running Room link, depending on the style of your boot it may fit these and they work great, but again are not recommended for any indoor use. Most outdoor outfitters (MEC, EuropeBound) will have some form of anti slip footwear and it may be worth your while as it looks like we are in for a long winter.

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