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Children- Movement, Learning and Obesity

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8 Mar 2011

There was a great story on CBC The National last night regarding children getting outdoors and using movement to stimulate leaning as well as counteract childhood obesity.  Please enjoy this segment and yes that is my sister Michelle, being interviewed after she has her students out ice skating at Gradale Academy located at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. 

I have noticed there are already 450 comments for this story and it seems many people have big opinions.  Enjoy.

I have one more great little video to show you that was on City TV regarding children’s nutrition.  My daughter Ava is featured in this video eating and cooking- you cannot miss her she is the smallest student by far in the video.  There are some great tips from a nutritionist to help with your children’s meals.  Please click on the link below to enjoy.

City News reel

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