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Starting Out- Again

In: Busy Mom Fitness Solutions

12 Jan 2011

Yes after the holiday’s all the fat loss gurus are down your throat.  You know as a new mom, just because the date on the calendar has changed doesn’t mean this is the right time for a fat loss program.  Make sure you feel ready to take this on to promote personal success. 

1. don’t start too early post partum- make sure you are recovered from childbirth  first.   As you have realized like in all motherhood- the rules don’t apply- just because the rest of the world is on a  kick post January 1, doesn’t mean you have to be. 

2. Start with a progressive postural exercise program before enduring a fat loss program.

Monday’s at home workout for me- warmup- foam roll, glut bridges, side bridges, around the world lunges and wall slides.  My circuit- 3x through continuous- bulgarian split squat, pushups, 20x lateral step front kettlebell swings, vertical pullups with a band to help, hamstring ball curls, prone jacknife.  This is what I could manage as a first workout after battling the flu all holiday season.

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